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Technology is one of the most valuable assets on which Recovery Labs bases its development. Given the secrecy shrouding the world of technology today, obtaining information on the operation of many storage systems and on the low-level operation of operating systems is not an easy task.

All our know-how is the fruit of almost ten years of research, tests, systems development, comparisons of information, innovation and on-going development of in-house expertise in order to provide the best service to our clients.

Due to the diversity of manufacturers and their different individual cost policies, there is no standard in the world of computers and different techniques are required to resolve the same problem on machines produced by different manufacturers.

The support offered by Recovery Labs technology is based on our broad experience, which enables us to develop solutions for standard faults on every model produced by every manufacturer and to envisage potential incidents, thus enabling us to offer you a better data recovery service.

Our installations are extremely important for the development of this activity; these are very special installations only available to a few companies around the world. The equipment required for open-canopy hard-disk operation is known as a class 100 clean chamber; this means that the concentration of particles of less than 0.005 micras may not exceed 100 per m3 of air. Recovery Labs has a class 100 clean chamber for safeguarding data, but it strengthens this classification in the handling compartments by increasing the filters to class 10 i.e. 10 times fewer particles.

The tools required to dismantle a hard-disk safely in order to access the data contained inside are often developed for a specific model and brand. In order to cater for this need, our laboratories have the capacity to develop new tools to perform these processes as and when required, without affecting the result of the data recovery process, and using very complex materials for their development.

An important concept in Recovery Labs technology is replacement parts; in most cases, our technology enables us to recover data without the need for spare parts. If these are required, we have the spare part compatibility tables required for each model, since the storage devices have versions and controls just like any software. Hence, if the electronic circuitry of a hard disk is replaced with circuitry that seems to be the same, this may worsen the damage that has already been caused due to differences in the software recorded on the hard disk. At Recovery Labs we are continually increasing our stock, and this currently enables us to provide coverage for more than 7,000 different models and brands.

The software tools developed by Recovery Labs enable us to resolve most software incidents in almost all operating systems, virus attacks, formatting, partitioning, reinstallations, jamming, harmful data wiping, etc.

In this field, the movement of the market towards group work systems, in terms of both servers and posts, has prompted us to develop state-of-the-art data recovery technologies for systems such as Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, Unix, as well as processing tools for the "infallible " and omnipresent RAID.

It is therefore very important to make sure that nobody interferes in the event of an incident, regardless of how much expertise they may have or seem to have; data recovery is a more complex task than would initially appear.

The first task, performed by expert professionals in the appropriate environmental conditions with the necessary software and physical tools, increases your chances of recovering lost information to 95%.
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